Joan is a Virgo like me, passionate in what we do & a perfectionist. She is our preferred makeup artist and a highly sought-after professional who does most of our female clients' makeup & hairdo. Joan specializes in making brides & ladies pretty yet real to their true-self the natural way.

I've been working closely with Joan for our clients since 2010 and counting, she proved to be a very responsible and reliable associate without fail. I get to know that she studies about the latest trends through magazines and online at almost of daily basis! That's a humongous love & enthusiasm in what she does which I have great respect with.

You might wanna know that Joan communicates in Mandarin or the Hokkien language only. If you'd like to book her service, you may do so via her Facebook page. Or, if you'd like to book both our services together, just contact me. It'll be a seamless process for you as we are very well communicated from years of collaborations. I don't markup her fees and you'd get me to be the language facilitator too.

If you have some quick general questions about her services, read this FAQ.
Below are some of Joan's work photographed by me, her latest work are published in her Facebook page.



Makeup F.A.Q

01. I have a sensitive skin, what is the makeup products that Joan uses?

Joan has a sensitive skin too, therefore for the makeup product that she uses for her personal time and for clients are of the same brands, they are international brands like: YSL - Makeup and cosmetics by Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, Paul & Joe Beaute, RMK, LUNASOL, Dior, Aery Jo, OFFICE cosmetics, MAQUiLLAGE - by Shiseido, COFFRET D'OR - by Kanebo, shu uemura, RÊVECEN, Definite Cosmetics, BOBBI BROWN, CLINIQUE, ANNA SUI, benefit cosmetics, LAURA ROSSE, KATE, BYS Cosmetics, Bourjois Paris Cosmetics. 

If you have a hyper sensitive skin, Joan could use your mineral makeup products too. 

02. Does the makeover service includes any hair or bridal accessories?

No. Joan's expertise is on makeup and hairdo for the ladies and bride. However we know someone who does very unique custom made accessories and could recommend to you.

03. What does the term 'makeover' means?

Makeover in our term means makeup + hairdo, it's actually just our way of 'short-forming' it.

04. What is the difference between normal makeover and bridal makeover?

Bridal makeover, as the name suggests, is for bride and suited for photoshoot purposes. Joan will apply her signature techniques to enhance how one looks, the natural and not overdoing way but your eyes will still draw attention in photographs and putting you in the lime light on the wedding. 

Normal makeover is suited for any ladies who is attending dinner or party. However, kindly be informed that the contouring/shading technique which helps to decrease facial size visually and smokey eyes are not included here. 

05. Is Joan able to meet to discuss what I want her to do on me?

Yes and no. Face to face discussion, from our years of experiences will end in 3 to 5 minutes yielding no effective result as opposed to having a trial makeover. 

Imagine: "Ok bride A, I will tie your hair up and put this accessories of yours here, apply a brown color eye shadow for you then will stick the false eye lashes too." Let's be honest, do you have an image of how you'll look like on your wedding day in your mind through that? 

Great, you get the point. I'm saying this cause I followed Joan for the meeting many times in the past, sometimes to facilitate the language barrier. Don't be surprised if you see me doing makeup one day! Joking aside, we strongly recommend a trial bridal makeup session if you'd like to know what Joan will do for you and to have your request tweaked till you are satisfied. This session is optional with an additional fee.

06. I saw this girl in the magazine and I love her styling sooo much! Can Joan do the same for me?

Joan is happy to get special requests, she likes variations and fresh styling in her work all the time. However, kindly be advised that the final look might not be 100% the same due to the differences of your hair condition/color/length/volume, suitability of facial profile and theme of your attire. 

Also, we'd like to get a picture of recent you, the gown & accessories, an image of what you'd like to have as a start. 

07. I really love Joan's work. I'm not discriminating but I only can converse in English...

Hey, don't feel discouraged yet. Trust me, I can feel you totally and I'd like to help. Thank you for your kind understanding about Joan's unique situation in her command of language, we heart people like you who don't judge Joan based on her academics! 

Write to me, I'll try my best to help you - sometimes I can be the language facilitator, sometimes Joan has an assistant, sometimes we have Google translate from iPhone to help. Rest assured that I will have everything sorted out as much from the email first.

So far, I'm proud to tell you that we have happy clients like you who don't speak, don't write, or don't know Chinese and they are from Hong Kong, England, Holland, Singapore, Australia, Germany and local Malaysians. Who needs English when being beautiful is a unique international language itself? ;)

08. How much time Joan needs to do the makeover?

The time needed generally ranges from 1 to 2 hours depending on what Joan is required to work on. We'll always give you a safe time estimation on when you should start the makeover and the safe estimated ending time.

09. There's a lot of people needed to have their makeover done, how many can Joan accept?

True experience, an event company came to us to discuss about arrangements of makeover for the annual dinner event they're doing for a telecommunications company in Rasa Sayang Resort, Penang. 

That night, we have 6 makeup artists including and lead by Joan handling 20 people at the evening just before their event starts. Joan has a number of favorite associate makeup artists' contact whom their work are nice. Arrangements could always be made but it's limited to one location of service like the example above only. 

10. I am already pretty since born. Why should I need makeup at all?

I'm pretty sure you look great and I have no comment on that. I love my wife as she is without makeup either. Maybe you're interested with a little sharing I have here which me and Joan learnt together through our collective experiences. 

If you noticed, even male model/presenter get makeup for a photo shoot. 'But I'm not a model!' you wonder? Your husband probably don't need it, let me explain. When one wears a beautiful, colorful, or elaborated design attire coupled with that breath taking scenery or gorgeous architecture of the venue.... guess what? 

All these things, 90% of time will take away your attention. Yup, you've just paid so much for these non living things to snatch attention away from you in picture, a human being. The reason is because they are colorful and catchy to the eyes.

The only way to balance this up is to have a makeover. Adding that eye shadow and eyeliner coupled with the false eye lashes will immediately increase contrast to your eyes. This is the reason why the makeup technique existed, to draw viewer's attention to one's eyes - essence of human communication.